Temples of Sri Lanka


It is a common scenario that many people are led astray in this complex social background. Hence, it is vital to create a disciplined society with an understanding of life. It is also equally important to create a society that includes people of all walks of life who display an ethical conduct and decorum with a correct vision for life with wholesome ideas. In order to achieve this, it is important to eliminate misconceptions of Buddhism and to educate the public of the accurate teachings of the Buddha. It is a timely act to expose to the public the scientific aspect of Buddhism so the people can understand that easily. 

I bless all those who strive to make this great work of publishing a Buddhist magazine a success. Sathipattana Dhamma Magazine which will be published once in three months is launching on the Vesak Full Moon Poya Day by the Buddhist Brotherhood. May those who contribute to this magazine with their learning and understanding achieve success!


Most Venerable Siri Sarankaropasena Wansalankara Shasanasobana Dharmakirithi Sri Saranankara Tripitaka Visharada Aggamahapanditha Makulewe Vimala Mahanayaka Thero, Chief Prelate of Ramagngna Maha Nikaya and the Chief Incumbent of Vidyawasa Piriwena, Minioluwa, Mirigama

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