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One who is pious and wise, attempts to correct even a small mistake of his life and lives a wholesome life. The objective of one should be to live righteously. If he is disciplined in his mind, speech and actions, he can lead a balanced life. 

People in this world have different goals in their lives. One who is wise and pious while fulfilling his objectives, understands the life and collects merits to end the cycle of Samsara. 

This life is temporary. If one can understand that reality, he can end the cycle of Samsara and attain contentment. Exterior show off will never give a person solace. He should strive to adhere to the noble principles of Buddhism. 

It is important to explore the purpose of life in a deep manner and to celebrate festivals with a religious value such as Vesak. We can never retrieve our spent life. It is also important to understand the value of time if you want to live a successful life. One should live a life  which benefits both worlds by intelligently understanding that there is no help for us except the Triple Gems. 

May Sathipattana be a blessing to the wise who go in search of the Dhamma! 


Most Venerable Siri Sugatha Shasanawansapala Ganacharya Sri Subhuthi Wansavathansa Pravachana Kirthi Sri Waskaduwe Mahindawansa Mahanayaka Thero, The Chief Prelate of Sri Sambuddha Sasanodhaya Chapter of Amarapura Maha Nikaya

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