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The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for the Buddha Shrine at Semkay Ling tomorrow…

The Buddha’s first-ever sangha congregation, the appointment of Arahants Sariputta and Moggallana by the Buddha as his chief disciples, promulgation of pre-liberation (first Prathimoksha teaching) and the determination of the term of life of the enlightened one are the significant events associated with Navam Full Moon Poya Day.

These events make this full moon day of paramount importance for Buddhists worldwide.

Coinciding this auspicious Navam full moon day aka Magha Puja Day, the foundation stone for the Buddha shrine of ‘Semkay Ling’, the world’s first Pali and Sanskrit Buddhist Cultural Exchange Centre, will be laid tomorrow early morning at the sun rise.

According to the Centre spokesperson, there are five unique features of the Buddha in this special shrine: They are

1. Genuine and authentic Buddha Bone Relics (Kapilavastu) are enshrined inside.

This is the only Buddha statue in the world with this unique feature.

2. The Buddha’s relics will be surrounded by precious planetary gemstones and protective oils.

3. The Buddha is facing the sacred Mountain Sri Pada. Sri Pada is said to be a very holy place on the planet in Buddhist scriptures. Every morning between 5.00 and 7.00 the Holy Sri Pada mountain can be witnessed from here.

4. The Buddha is in the ‘Dhammacacca’ Mudra which is very auspicious. ‘Dhammacacca’ is the first teaching of the Buddha. When the Buddha gave this first teaching the Maha Brahma and all deities of the universe attended to listen to the discourse.

5. morning Dhammacacca Sutta chanting will be aired from this holy Buddha shrine for the benefit of all sentient and celestial beings in the universe.

Rejoice in your merit 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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