Temples of Sri Lanka


The significant bond between India and Sri Lanka should not be exaggerated continuously. What Sri Lanka inherited from India is beyond expression. The strongest loop of the bounded chain between India and Sri Lanka is Buddhism. Buddhism gifted almost everything to Sri Lanka.

For centuries Sri Lankans have been pilgrimaging to India with the aim of worshiping the most important places related to Buddha’s life. India has been highly reliable in providing almost every infrastructure facility for the devout Sri Lankan devotees. Enhancing and upgrading the practice, Hon. Shri Narendra Modhi, the Prime Minister of India converted Kushinagar domestic airport into an International airport. Sri Lanka was highly privileged with the cordial invitation from Hon. Prime Minister to inaugurate the new International Airport.

On the promising day of 20th October 2021, Sri Lankan Airlines flew from Bandaranayaka International Airport to Kushinagar being the very first flight with a highly esteemed delegation comprised with Maha Sangha from all the three Nikayas. The reverent movement of Kapilawasthupura Holy Relics of Buddha from Waskaduwa Sri Subhuthi Rajaguru Maha Viharaya by the inaugurated aircraft was the jewel in the crown. This was headed by Most Ven. Waskaduwa Mahindawansa Maha Nayaka Thero who is the chief custodian of the Holy Relics. Most Ven. Madampagama Assaji Thero and Most Ven. Kosgoda Gnaninda Thero were adhered to the reverent movement of the Holy Relics.

Apparently it was historical that the Buddha’s Holy Relics were brought back to the same place after centuries. The Holy relics were reverently moved to the aircraft by H.E Mr Gopal Baghlay, the High Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka at the Bandaranayaka International Airport.

The delegation headed by the Holy Relics were welcomed by Hon. Yogi Adityanath the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh representing the Government of India at the Kushinagar International Airport. Ven. Dr Dhammapiya Thero, the Secretary General of International Buddhist Confederation and Dr Damenda Porage, the Deputy Secretary General too were present to receive the Holy Relics at the airport. The welcome was excellently and impressively organized by the International Buddhist confederation in India.

The name of The Most Ven. Waskaduwe Mahindawansa Maha Nayaka Thero will be documented in the history of Indo-Sri Lanka relationship as the first person to step on the Kushinagar International Airport.

The Holy Relics were reverently placed at Kushinagar temple for the Buddhists as well non-Buddhists to pay homage on 20th and 21st of October. After a successful two day religious event the Holy relics were reverently taken to Sankisa in Uttar Pradesh by road in a convoy accompanied by government security troops. The Holy Relics were reverently taken in a huge procession full of offerings of flowers and sound.

Dr. Sangamitra Maurya member of parliament, Lok Sabha received the delegation headed by The Holy Relics at Sankisa viharaya and offered ‘Dāna’ to Maha Sangha.

The Holy Relics which were highly venerated by Sankisa people were finally taken to Delhi on 24th of October to take back to Sri Lanka. The government arranged a special charter flight from Lucknow to Delhi as a means of paying due respect to The Holy Relics and Maha Sangha. Many Buddhists and non-Buddhists paid homage to The Holy Relics for two days in Delhi and reverently taken back to Sri Lanka on 26th of October.

Dr Sushil Kumar as a representative from the Indian High Commission of Sri Lanka and many other dignitaries received The Holy Relics and Maha Sangha at Bandaranayaka International Airport.

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