Temples of Sri Lanka


“Noble Eightfold Path.”

  • Right understanding: Truly and deeply knowing, for example, that unwholesome acts and thoughts have consequences, as do wholesome acts and thoughts.
  • Right intention: Recognizing that actions are shaped by habits of anger and self-centeredness, or by habits of compassion, understanding, and love.
  • Right speech: Recognizing the moral implications of speech; truthfulness.
  • Right action: Observing the five precepts at the foundation of all morality: not killing, not stealing, not engaging in sexual misconduct, not lying, and not clouding the mind with intoxicants.
  • Right livelihood: Earning a living in ways that are consonant with the basic precepts.
  • Right effort: Cultivating this way of living with the attention, the patience, and the perseverance that it takes to cultivate a field.
  • Right mindfulness: Developing “presence of mind” through the moment-to-moment awareness of meditation practice, including mindfulness of breathing, mindfulness of walking, and mindfulness of bodily sensations.
  • Right concentration: Developing the ability to bring the dispersed and distracted mind and heart to a center, a focus, and to see clearly through that focused mind and heart

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