Anger is one of the great obstacles in our daily life.

The very heat of anger obscures our minds and not just our own minds, but those we touch, those we interact with at work, and our relationships at home and in the society. Anger is contagious and dangerous.

According to Buddhist teachings, anger is similar to either an “out of control forest fire” or a “rampaging elephant.” These two comparing simply because anger reacts and destroys quickly and we often don’t have time to control it. It tends to explode destructively outwards and angry words that hurt, angry fists that bruise, angry weapons that kill, angry actions that destroy relationships, angry reactions that destroy our whole life and others as well.

That is why the Buddha advised us to cultivate patience, loving kindness and compassion in order to overcome anger.

First of all, we must be mindful to recognise that we are angry and then, we must be self disciplined by thinking of bad results of anger. When we see the consequences of Anger mindfully, fear of sufferings arises within us naturally and we can tolerate and we can be patient without reacting towards our anger. Also, we must train our mind to understand that being angry at some situations brings nothing, but only pain and sufferings. If we don’t like to suffer, get into troubles, hold stress, pain and burdens, the only way is that not to get angry and to see the things kindly, positively, patiently and mindfully.

This will help us to enjoy a happy life in the society.

May every heart be filled with joy, compassion and happiness..!


© Satipatthana

Featured Photo Devnaka Porage

Photo by Pensiri Mahasuttikul

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