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It should be noted that the philosophical tradition consisting the basics of Buddhism is diminishing drastically in the Buddhist society. Teachers of varied types tend to preach deformed Dhamma to the devotees and drive them towards ignorant devotion which is void of any rational insight. It is conspicuous that the devoted Buddhists are being entrapped into the disdainful objectives of politically motivated preachers, who fail to abide by the teachings of the Buddha which are mentioned in the scared scriptures of Buddhism.

The chief objective of this scholastic Buddhist magazine is to steer the Buddhist society towards the rightful direction, which has been led astray by fallacious preaching. It is expected to achieve this noble objective through facilitating essential socio- cultural dialogues among the Buddhists, restoring the essence of Buddhism and through enlightening the Buddhist society of the reality of Buddhism by means of popularizing a simplified and systematically compiled magazine, as a rectifying measure to the said plight of the Buddhist society.

Most Venerable Patronage

The Mahanayake Theros of the three Maha Nikayas

Venerable Advisory Council

Most Venerable Dr. Niyangoda Vijithasiri Anunayake Thero

Most Venerable Waskaduwe Mahindawansa Mahanayake Thero

Most Venerable Prof. Aththangane Rathanapala Anunayake Thero

Most Venerable Prof. Pallekande Rathanasara Anunayake Thero

Venerable Prof. Medagampitiye Vijithadhamma Thero


Prof. Chandima Wijebandara

Dr. Damenda Porage

Deputy Editor

Panchamee Hewavissenti

Panel of Writers

Venerable Prof. Miriswatthe Wimalagnana Thero

Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe

Educationist Shermila Milroy

Akash Tharuka Perera

Ruwini Kuruppu


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