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The first seed for International Buddhist Confederation was planted in 2010 as a result of Ven Lama Lobzang’s discussions with the Global Maha Sangha including Sri Lankan. According to the proposal of the respected Maha Sangha, the plans were prepared to form the largest Buddhist organization in the world. Accordingly, the largest ever religious organization in the Indian subcontinent was initiated as the “Global Buddhist Congregation”. According to the discussions held at the congregation, to advance the purpose of “Global Buddhist Congregation”, a permanent organizing committee was elected under the motto “Collective Wisdom United Voice”.


In order to bring a new face to the outlook of the “Global Buddhist Congregation”, the organization was renamed as “International Buddhist Confederation”. As the main objective of this organization, providing opportunities for the Buddha Sasana to play its proper role on the global stage, preservation of Buddhist heritage, and exchange of knowledge, it also marked the promotion of the importance of Buddhist philosophy and moving forward as a unified organization capable of playing a meaningful role in the global discourse.


The International Buddhist Confederation has created the basic foundation that’s necessary to promote unity and understand the similarities between the teachings of Buddha while minimizing the divisions and differences. The goals and objectives of this organization as indicated at the inauguration of the “Global Buddhist Congregation” can be summarized as follows,

  1. Advocating for all the Buddhist organizations in the world to find solutions to the various and complex problems that arise in the Buddhist order globally.


  1. Exploring Buddhist cultural values ​​while preserving the various Buddhist customs, traditions and heritage spread across the world.


  1. Coordinating knowledge, experience, facilities and resources to achieve the purpose of the International Buddhist Confederation.



The International Buddhist Confederation performed a great service for ten years and organized many Buddhist conferences. Some of those conferences and conventions are listed below.


International Conference on Vajrayana Buddhism in Bhutan 2022




International Abhidhamma Divas at GBU, Greater Noidaz




Promotion of Buddhasasana in India at IGNCA, New Delhi 2022






International Symposium on Scholarship for studying Buddhism in India, New Delhi 2019





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